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Long Island Residence

| Square Footage: 3,900

Long Island, New York Residence

The original country home located on this Long Island property was converted into a residence from an 18th-century leather tannery. After being lost to a fire, the homeowners decided to rebuild their new home true to the period of the original structure. When they could not locate reclaimed materials that would look enough like the wood in the old home, they turned to Riverbend to create an authentic reproduction.

More About This Home

To replicate the look of 18th-centry timber framing, Riverbend cut the timbers at a slight angle as if they had been put through a pit saw. They were then blasted with corn cob and refined with hand sanding. Traditional timber framing techniques and authentic joinery, including oak pegs, were used as well. The resulting finished project speaks for itself.

Location: New York
Featured in: Elegant Wood Homes Winter 2013 Timber Home Living
Design by: Paul Scheive, SR AIA
Photos by: Roger Wade Studio

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