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builder select riverbend timber framingIf you would like assistance finding a qualified general contractor to build your home, Riverbend’s BuilderSelect™ construction solution is for you. Our project management team has the experience and knowledge to find and evaluate qualified general contractors to build your home. The BuilderSelect™ service will help you secure the best builder for your project.

Our BuilderSelect™ construction solution includes everything from our base package plus:

In-Depth Home Cost Estimate

Your Riverbend project manager will create a detailed cost estimate to build your home, based on the conceptual design that we create with you. The estimate is based on our knowledge of industry costs with your input on materials and finishes. The estimate and the design are presented to you during the conceptual design process. Once the design is finalized and the home cost estimate updated, it is used as a benchmark for evaluating builder bids after you have signed the materials contract.

Finding and Vetting General Contractors, and Comparing Bids

Once you have executed the materials contract with Riverbend, your designer creates the engineered construction drawings. Your project manager then interviews potential general contractors on your behalf and solicits bids based on the construction drawings. Upon receiving each builder’s bid, we analyze and compare pricing and construction timeline. We then present the bids to you and make introductions to each builder, in order to provide you with the information necessary for you to decide on a general contractor.

Inspections & Testing

When you use the BuilderSelect™ construction solution, Riverbend isn’t done when you begin working with your builder. In addition to the builder evaluation and in-depth turnkey estimate, your Project Manager will conduct a foundation inspection and structural inspection to ensure that the home is built according to construction drawings. Once the home is complete, we conduct an energy evaluation of the structural shell of your home. This inspection includes a blower door test and thermal imaging analysis of the home’s structural shell to ensure that the SIP enclosure is performing as designed.

BuilderSelect™ Highlights



Your Riverbend Project Manager Will:

  • Prepare an in-depth home cost estimate during the conceptual design phase.
  • Assemble a Request for Proposal (RFP) including engineered construction drawings, and full structural specifications.
  • Send RFP packets to prospective builders.
  • Prepare reports which include: references, financial history, license, and insurance checks.
  • Receive bids from interested prospective builders.
  • Analyze bids, comparing each builder’s bid to the other and the in-depth home cost estimate prepared in the conceptual design phase.
  • Present you with each builder’s proposal and due diligence report.

You Will Then:

  • Review the reports and interview the builders you would like to consider.
  • Sign a construction contract with the builder you chose.





Your Project Manager Will Perform:

  • Foundation inspection
  • Structural inspection
  • Energy evaluation to ensure your home is built to Riverbend’s exacting specifications.

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