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Riverbend’s Base Package

timber frame home base package designEach of our construction solutions include services that are designed to make your timber home building project flow more smoothly. The Base Package represents the lowest level of our construction solutions.

Use Your Own Builder

The base package is perfect for you if you are already working with a builder, or you want to find a builder on your own. Your builder constructs the foundation of the home utilizing the engineered construction documents prepared by Riverbend. Once the foundation is complete and the timbers are fabricated in one of our manufacturing facilities, the Riverbend crew erects the timber frame on the foundation at your site. Your builder installs the SIP envelope and finishes construction of the home. Your Riverbend project manager will continue to be available to answer questions from you and your builder throughout the construction process.

Riverbend’s Base Package includes:

  • Engineered construction drawings
  • Materials—including timbers, structural insulated panels (SIPs), insulated concrete forms (ICFs), and radon guard
  • Timber installation
  • On-Site technical assistance for SIP installation

Engineered Construction Drawings

During the Design Process, the same Riverbend Design team that draws your conceptual plans will create the construction drawings. These drawings are sent to a third-party engineer for review and approval.

High-Quality Materials

With our base package, all of our customers are able to enjoy a beautiful timber frame from Riverbend. Starting with the highest quality materials sourced directly from the mills, every Oak, free of heart Douglas Fir, or other wood species timber frame we create is fabricated by our experienced artisans and delivered to your build site from either our Michigan or Idaho manufacturing facility.

Our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are both sourced directly from fellow PFB companies. These materials provide your timber frame home with a sturdy shell that is also highly energy efficient. We will provide expert technical assistance to aid with the SIP installation.

Timber Installation

Riverbend’s professional crew of seasoned employees will visit your build site and erect your timber frame for you and your builder. One advantage of Riverbend’s timber installation service is that it gives you the flexibility to hire the best general contractor for your home build, even if they are not experts in timber framing. Second, having Riverbend install your timber frame allows for quick resolution of any problems that arise during installation.

On-Site Technical Assistance

After the timber frame structure is erected, Riverbend will provide a technical advisor (TA) to work with your general contractor to install the SIPs. The TA will teach your builder how to properly install SIPs and answer any questions he may have during the installation process.

Customize and Modify Your Floor Plan

You can still enjoy all the same design customization options that Riverbend offers when selecting the base package. Our team of architectural designers will work closely with you to develop a floor plan to your exact specifications. That way you can be assured that you’ll be building the home you want.

All of our clients will go through the Design Development Agreement (DDA) process, see a virtual reality presentation of their home, and pick the construction solution that works best for them.

Get Started with Our Base Package

Are you ready to begin the process of building your private timber frame home? Get in touch with the friendly timber frame professionals at Riverbend to learn more about the process and see if the base package is right for you.

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