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Riverbend’s Design Process

You may dream of a finished timber frame house, but a home can’t happen without first creating a design. At Riverbend, our more than 40 years of experience has taught us that a complete and thorough design process is the easiest way to ensure a smooth timber frame home project. We also understand that when our design team works closely with you and can fully convey the layout and look of your future home, then you’ll have the confidence to move forward into construction, knowing we were able to match your vision.

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Design Development Agreement (DDA)

The first step in designing your dream timber frame home with Riverbend Timber Framing is to sign a Design Development Agreement (DDA). This starts the creation of your timber frame home by Riverbend’s architectural designers. Only after we have created a design that you love will we move forward with your project.

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Design Meeting

You can choose to travel to our facility or interact directly from home via the web. Either way, you’ll see the screen come alive as your designer sketches and alters your plan based on your direction. Whether you start with an existing plan or create a custom home from scratch, your Riverbend designer will do more than illustrate, in real time, the changes to your conceptual design. They will also explain how these changes affect your overall design and the turnkey cost to build your home. You will also be introduced to your project manager, who will become your point of contact once the design phase is complete.

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Design Drawings & Presentation

During the weeks following your Design Meeting, your designer will take all your information and sketches to create your conceptual design drawings in AutoCAD, as well as a virtual reality (VR) presentation of your home’s exterior and interior.

Once complete, your team – lead by your designer – will present your conceptual design set and virtual reality (VR) tour of your home to you. The conceptual design set includes detailed floor plans of each level, a 3D color rendering, and isometric drawings of the timber frame and structural insulated panels (SIPs).

If your design meeting occurs at one of Riverbend’s U.S. offices, you will be able to virtually tour your home in person. If the meeting is done remotely via the web, your designer will present a pre-recorded virtual tour of your home. The VR tour completely immerses you in your new home before you build it.

Timber Home Virtual Tour

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Materials Contract

As soon as you are confident that your overall design matches your vision and budget, you execute a materials contract with Riverbend for the construction drawings, timbers, SIPs, and ICFs.

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Construction Drawings

At Riverbend, design congruity is very important. The best way to ensure the consistency and quality of your design from concept through construction is to create a full set of detailed, engineered construction drawings. The same Riverbend Design team that drew your conceptual plans will create the construction drawings which will be used by our manufacturing team to fabricate the timbers and SIPs and then by your builder in the construction of the home.

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Need More Information?

Whether you’re looking for more information or would simply like to learn more about us and our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please follow the link below to access our online form or call us at 888.486.2363 in the US or 888.999.4744 in Canada. We look forward to hearing from you.

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