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What Will Your Timber Home Look Like?

We know that you have probably looked at hundreds of pictures and plans as you continue your search for that ideal timber frame home. Our latest email series is designed to help you zero-in on specific design characteristics that might inspire your home. We start with a look at European Country style characteristics and will follow up with more styles soon. So Stay Tuned!

Characteristics of European Country Style

Here are some characteristics of European Country Style that you might consider.

  • Shutters
    Functional or not, shutters (especially those with color) can accentuate the home’s exterior
  • Hipped Roofs / Dormers
    Also described as “dog eared” these subtle roof accents can add charm to your home’s overall design
  • Entry Courtyards
    The ultimate feature in curbside appeal just might be a small courtyard for gathering together with friends
  • Stone Accents
    Either used for an entire exterior covering or as an accent for certain walls, stone adds a distinct flare
  • Lower Ceilings
    Consider creating a cozier cottage feel by lowering the interior ceilings and framing them in timber
Country Style Accents
country great room
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