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What Will Your Timber Home Look Like? – Part III

This month marks the third installment in our 4-part series examining what your timber home could look like. Blending elements of traditional timber framing – like an open layout, with the agricultural look and feel of classic working barns, the Barn Style is one of historic and architectural distinction. Below you will find some characteristics of the Barn Style that may influence your design process.

Characteristics of the Barn Style

You might consider:

  • High Central Gable
    Ordinarily very tall, open, and bright, barn style homes often feature a distinct high central gable.
  • Cupolas
    A small structure extending from the main roof, cupolas are often associated with the Barn Style – providing a lookout or extra admittance of light.
  • Vertical Siding
    In contrast to the conventional home’s stucco, clapboard, or shingled siding, a Barn Style home typically features the clean look of vertical wood siding.
  • Open Floor Plan
    Soaring ceilings, plenty of light, and an open – often square or rectangle – floor plan are signature aspects of this particular type of home.
  • Loft Space
    Mimicking the space above classic working barns, these homes often include a loft space – providing a bird’s-eye view of the rooms below.
Gable & Cupola
Barn Inspired Exterior
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