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The Ultimate North Carolina Retirement Home Introducing a New Legacy Living Story from Riverbend Timber Framing

Randy and Cathy wanted a home they could live in comfortably through retirement years. With a desire for a home with open spaces, surrounded by nature, this couple’s Legacy Living story goes through their experience with Riverbend, making their dream timber frame home a reality.

Industry leader, Riverbend Timber Framing presents another Legacy Living story about a Michigan couple who travelled south to find the perfect location that inspired their timber frame retirement getaway.

Randy and Cathy were a couple looking for a retirement home that would mirror their passion for golf and mountain biking as well as their love of the outdoors. Matching their secluded location overlooking the Cherokee National Forest, the couple’s Riverbend timber frame home provided the perfect combination of natural inclusions, outdoor living space and open floor plans to create their ideal retirement home.

This couple’s story and the steps they took that led them to a retirement of leisure in the great outdoors of North Carolina is why we create these legacy living stories. We believe we can help other couples have similar experiences achieving their dream homes. In fact, when you visit, you can read more Legacy Living stories as well as browse our extensive Timber home plans gallery to help us get you started towards your ideal living.

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