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Timber Frame Floor Plans

Building upon nearly half a century of timber frame industry leadership, Riverbend has an extensive portfolio of award-winning floor plan designs, ideal for modern living. All of our timber floor plans are completely customizable to meet your unique needs.

We also offer a portfolio of smaller square footage and ready-to-build designs called PerfectFit™.  Click here to learn more about PerfectFit™ and to view the floor plans.

We invite you to learn more about our design processes and discover which one is right for your dream home project.

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Huron Huron 1582 sq.ft.
Bungalow Floor Plan Bungalow 1,764 sq.ft.
Kalkaska timber frame plan Kalkaska 1,033 sq.ft.
Mackinac Floor Plan Mackinac 1,780 sq.ft.
St. Clair Floor Plan St. Clair 1,816 sq.ft.
Hawk Mountain Appalachian Plan Hawk Mountain 1814 sq.ft.
Augusta Farmhouse Plan Augusta 1,970 sq.ft.
appalachian style timber home Cashiers 2,235 sq.ft.
Branson Modern Farmhouse Branson 2,003 sq.ft.
Farmhouse Winslow 1,936 sq.ft.
Angler's Landing Fishing Cabin Angler's Landing 1,200 sq.ft.
Cattail Lodge floor plan Cattail Lodge 2,228 sq.ft.
Timber Frame Party Barn Party Barn 2,577 sq.ft.
Cottonwood Floor Plan Cottonwood 2,272 sq.ft.
Belmore Modern Farmhouse Belmore 2,892 sq.ft.
Finley Floor Plan Finley 2,850 sq.ft.
Modern Farmhouse Plan Mineral Point 3,150 sq.ft.
Bridgewater timber plan Bridgewater 2,308 sq.ft.
Summerhill Floor Plan Summerhill 4,395 sq.ft.
Wright modern timber home plan Wright 2,242 sq.ft.
Fraser Floor Plan Fraser 2,918 sq.ft.
Grandview Floor Plan Grandview 1,920 sq.ft.
Mountain View Floor Plan Mountain View 3,305 sq.ft.
Sutton Floor Plan Sutton 2,572 sq.ft.
Glen Arbor floor plan Glen Arbor 3,897 sq.ft.
Pembroke floor plan Pembroke 2,008 sq.ft.
Aberdeen Floor Plan Aberdeen 4,316 sq.ft.
Melody Lane Floor Plan Melody Lane 3,395 sq.ft.
Hamilton timber home plan Hamilton 2,939 sq.ft.
Torrey Pines Floor Plain Torrey Pines 2,713 sq.ft.
Fairfield Plan Fairfield 3,534 sq.ft.
Richardson floor plan Richardson 2,303 sq.ft.
Pheasant Meadow Timber Plan Pheasant Ridge 2,904 sq.ft.
Villa Del Marche Plan Villa Del Marche 2,844 sq.ft.
Lexington timber frame plan Lexington 2,683 sq.ft.
Tacoma timber frame floor plan Tacoma 2,919 sq.ft.
Greenport Floor Plan Greenport 3,790 sq.ft.
Madrona modern timber plan Madrona 2,105 sq.ft.
Newport timber frame home Newport 3,172 sq.ft.
Stafford timber barn plan Stafford 2,870 sq.ft.
Shattuck floor plan Shattuck 1,931 sq.ft.
Ridgeway timber floor plan Ridgeway 1,528 sq.ft.
Barlow modern timber barn plan Barlow 2,574 sq.ft.
Ellington bank barn home plan Ellington 2,684 sq.ft.
Lancaster barn home floor plan Lancaster 4,248 sq.ft.
Westmount timber frame home Westmount 2,266 sq.ft.
Mayson timber frame plan Mayson 1,961 sq.ft.
Foxwood timber floor plan Foxwood 2,064 sq.ft.
HIckory Lakes Floor Plan Hickory Lakes 3,176 sq.ft.
Bar Harbor timber frame home Bar Harbor 2,961 sq.ft.
Sonoma HIlls floor plan Sonoma Hills 4,027 sq.ft.
Greenbrier timber cottage plan Greenbrier 2,140 sq.ft.
Lyon timber frame floor plan Lyon 3,193 sq.ft.
Asheville floor plan Asheville 2,825 sq.ft.
Tuscany timber frame plan Tuscany 4,142 sq.ft.

Types of Timber Frame Home Styles

Riverbend Timber Framing can design a variety of timber home styles, shapes and square footages. Explore the timber frame home plans above to find inspiration for your custom timber frame plans.  We offer the most diverse group of home floor plans.


This home style is inspired by the houses built during colonial times for farmers and their families. Characteristics of farmhouse style include large, open floor plans, oversized porches and exposed wood beams. Farmhouses often have two floors to create more space with smaller footprints. These homes can have a more traditional look, like Augusta, or a contemporary flair, like Mineral Point.


Mountain style homes lean into the natural wooden textures of our timber frame designs. These homes aim to bring the outdoors in with large windows and high ceilings. They also incorporate other natural textures like stone. Our mountain style homes often have a luxury resort feel with high peaked roofs and large porches, like Hamilton. These homes can also honor the more classic and cozy style of a mountain home, like Kalkaska.


Midcentury homes showcase the modern architecture of the twentieth century. These homes are characterized by clean lines, low-pitched and flat roofs, muted curves and limited ornamentation. They also feature large windows and open floor plans, making the interior versatile. Midcentury homes work beautifully with our timber frame building style with the ability to create unique lines, like in our Madrona floor plan.


Craftsman style homes are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1900s. These homes focus on emphasizing harmony with nature alongside bold and artistic architecture. Typical features include low-pitched gable roofs, exposed rafters and overhanging eaves. Our Torrey Pines floor plan is an excellent example of a Craftsman style home.


Simply put, these homes are a luxury version of a barn. While barn style homes honor traditional elements like gambrel roof lines and exposed wood elements, they also feature more contemporary designs. For example, our Ellington plan includes wooden posts and support beams reminiscent of a barn. The clean lines and unique roof features make it more modern. Barn homes can also look more traditional by leaning into rustic elements, like in our Barlow plan. Interested in hosting events? Check out our Commercial Timber Framing or consider an open design concept like our Party Barn that makes your barn style home perfect for hosting guests and bringing loved ones together.


European homes feature the popular architecture of countries like Germany, France and England. Common features of these homes include high-pitched roofs, arched windows and dormers, grand front entrances and high ceilings. These homes bring an old-world feel to your space and can seem historic despite being a new build. Our European floor plans include Hickory Lakes and Foxwood.

Why Choose a Floor Plan Over a Custom Design?

Our floor plans are an excellent option for those who want the uniqueness of a custom timber home but aren’t sure which direction to take. With our plans, you can keep everything as-is or modify elements to your liking to create a space that fits your lifestyle. Building off these ideas can reduce design time and help you start the construction process sooner. If you have a tight timeline, our floor plans are highly recommended.

Our custom design process is better suited for you if you have a specific vision in mind. In this case, you’ll collaborate with our architects and designers to bring that vision to life.

If you’re still exploring your home design concept, our team is here to help. We have a broad selection of floor plans to choose from, and the variety can be a lot to take in. Talk to our design team to discover your personal style and find a home that’s made for you. Don’t hesitate to view some of our previous projects for inspiration!

Explore PerfectFit™ by Riverbend Plans

PerfectFit™ by Riverbend floor plans are designed to streamline your custom timber home process and work within your budget. The major advantage of the PerfectFit™ by Riverbend process is the time spent on your project. This option eliminates the early design stages and moves to the construction drawing phase shortly after you sign your contract. When you’re eager to move into your new home, PerfectFit™ by Riverbend homes are ready to build.

Want to learn more about the PerfectFit™ by Riverbend process? Register for one of our webinars.

Design Your Perfect Timber Frame Home

Is one of our plans perfect for you? Are you inspired by a plan but it’s not quite there yet? Riverbend Timber Framing works with all our clients to develop timber frame house plans that meet all their needs. Our designers have won many awards for their creative timber frame home plans and post and beam home plans. Learn more about how Riverbend’s different design paths can help you realize your own dream home plan.

With our dedication to artistic craftsmanship and stunning architecture, our homes are works of art. Contact us to discuss your project.

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