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Shattuck Floor Plan

Conceptual | Liveable Sq Ft: 1,931 | Main Sq Ft: 1,252 | Second Sq Ft: 679

About The Shattuck Floor Plan

Delightfully quaint, the Shattuck is a cozy timber frame bungalow with distinctive Craftsman style. This hybrid timber home design features Craftsman-inspired timber framing in the open living spaces and the vaulted ceiling, allowing this home to live much larger than its 1,931 square feet.

Shattuck - shattuck-main
Main Level
1,252 sq ft
Shattuck - shattuck-2nd
2nd Level
679 sq ft
Shattuck - shattuck-rear
Front Elevation
Shattuck - shattuck-main
Side Elevation
Shattuck - shattuck-rear
Rear Elevation
Shattuck - shattuck-right
Side Elevation Two

Floor Plan Highlight: Entryways

Have you given thought to the type of entryway that will best suit your new timber home? The Shattuck features a covered entry with a flat sloping roof that flows naturally with the main rooflines of the cottage. A simple, yet elegant, timber truss frames the porch, providing the artistic flare that helped define the Craftsman movement.

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