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Pheasant Ridge Floor Plan

Conceptual | Liveable Sq Ft: 2,904 | Main Sq Ft: 2,904 | Opt. Basement Sq Ft: 1,928

About The Pheasant Ridge Floor Plan

Ornate angles and the use of gables, dormers, and bays create an open and dynamic appeal to the traditional-style Pheasant Ridge. Timber framing gracefully accentuates the main level which offers a guest room, office, and sunroom perfect for catching up on your reading (or a midday nap).

Pheasant Ridge - pheasant-ridge-main
Main Level
2,904 sq ft
Pheasant Ridge - pheasant-ridge-base
Opt. Basement
1,928 sq ft
Pheasant Ridge - pheasant-ridge-front
Front Elevation
Pheasant Ridge - pheasant-ridge-right
Side Elevation
Pheasant Ridge - pheasant-rear
Rear Elevation
Pheasant Ridge - pheasant-ridge-left
Side Elevation Two

Floor Plan Highlight: Working From Home

If you plan on doing a lot of work from home, the Pheasant Ridge showcases an amazing office space. Escape the fluorescent lights and spend time in an office with three walls of windows. Depending on your needs, there is room for a desk, a comfy couch, shelving, or even a work table. It is easier to work any time of day when your office space is secluded from the main living areas, as it is in the Pheasant Ridge.

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