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Greenport Floor Plan

Conceptual | Liveable Sq Ft: 3,790 | Main Sq Ft: 2,308 | Second Sq Ft: 1,482

About The Greenport Floor Plan

Twin turrets are the centerpiece of the Greenport’s creative timber frame home design. A curved staircase follows the contours of one turret while the breakfast nook and master suite occupy the matching octagonal spaces. An expansive deck and covered patio perfect for outdoor living complete this home.

Greenport - greenport-main
Main Level
2,308 sq ft
Greenport - greenport-2nd
2nd Level
1,482 sq ft
Greenport - greenport-front
Front Elevation
Greenport - greenport-right
Side Elevation
Greenport - greenport-rear
Rear Elevation
Greenport - greenport-left
Side Elevation Two

Floor Plan Highlight: Adding Angles

The Greenport features a number of non-right angles in the layout. While these shapes can add character to your overall architectural aesthetic, you will want to make sure that the areas with non-standard walls will still function well. For instance, can you use the angle to get more space for a bathroom, or add multiple breaks to better accommodate a staircase?

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