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Ask a child to draw a house, and the odds are good that they will hand you a picture of a house with a central front door, symmetrical windows, and a peaked roof. These features have signified shelter for centuries, and classic design riffs on these basics to create a warm and cozy environment. Traditional homes have stood the test of time precisely because they look great and function well everywhere. We offer plenty of floor plans that capitalize on everyone’s favorite features to make traditional design timeless — never boring — with the addition of timber framing.

Whether you choose to build your traditional home in an existing neighborhood, a new housing development, or down an unpopulated country lane, these architectural styles look good in nearly every location. Simplified roof lines most often form gables on the sides of the house, with gabled dormers adding light and additional living space on the second story. Smaller windows are designed to provide both energy efficiency and privacy in bedrooms and common areas that look toward neighboring properties. Traditional homes may incorporate natural stone, clapboard siding, or shingles to complete the look.

Where Traditional Style Homes Work Best

  • In historic neighborhoods
  • In new and / or expanding housing developments
  • In locations where open floor plans are expected
  • In the suburbs, where attached garages are the norm
  • In eclectic neighborhoods with varying architectural styles

Special Considerations

The size and shape of your lot will largely determine which floor plans will work best. Properties with extensive frontage can accommodate sprawling single-level homes, while narrower lots will do better with a more compact footprint that adds square footage by building up. Also, consider where it makes the most sense to add a driveway, so your garage works on the property as a whole. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a traditional floor plan is that it never goes out of style, which adds to the future resale value of the home. To make sure your house harmonizes with your neighborhood, take a look at nearby architectural styles and choose a design that has similar features, whether it’s the pitch of the roof or the sweep of the front porch.

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