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The allure of wide-open spaces and natural beauty is one that’s hard to ignore. When you have the opportunity to take a scenic plot of land and make it your own, the house you build there should blend seamlessly into the surroundings so that it adds to the rugged good looks of your land. Why would you put just any house on the hillside when you can make sure that your custom home looks like it truly belongs there?

Where Mountain Style Homes Work Best

  • On large lots
  • In scenic areas
  • On a rocky outcropping
  • In the foothills
  • In ski resort towns
  • In wooded areas

Special Considerations for Mountain Homes

Sloped lots are common in the mountains, and this creates both challenges and opportunities for custom floor plans. You’ll need to consider the shape of the buildable land to maximize your floor space, and this can require some creativity. Sloped mountainside lots often provide the opportunity for walk-out basements and below-grade garages, which are easy to incorporate into our architectural designs. You’ll also want to consider adding a garage large enough for recreational vehicles, including RVs, boats, or snowmobiles if you plan to use your mountain home as a vacation retreat. In choosing a floor plan, think carefully about where the best views lie and be sure to orient the house — including its picture windows — in this direction. Your Riverbend client representative can help you orient your home just perfectly when he visits your site prior to designing your home.

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