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As the Industrial Revolution flooded the market with cheap, mass-produced goods in the late 1800s, carpenters and architects of the Arts and Crafts movement fought back. They valued skilled labor and craftsmanship, and the houses they built were called Craftsman style in honor of their attention to detail. Craftsman style homes were popular throughout the early decades of the twentieth century, and the simple lines and livable floor plans live on as a gold standard for single-family homes today.

Where Craftsman Style Homes Work Best

  • In established neighborhoods
  • On compact lots
  • In eclectic neighborhoods
  • On tree-lined suburban streets
  • Surrounded by mature trees and natural beauty

Special Considerations

Because Craftsman homes were popular from coast to coast, they are a particularly versatile choice. Consider customizing your floor plan or exterior to highlight local architectural styles and materials as carpenters would have a century ago. Paint colors and roofing materials should also blend harmoniously into the landscape whenever possible. Craftsman style homes often have a compact footprint and work well on smaller lots. You may wish to add a garage to the design or expand the footprint if you have more land to work with. Be sure to consider the location of the porch to allow you to take in the best views and enjoy afternoon and evening shade as you entertain outdoors.

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