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European Style Timber Homes

The rich history of timber framing includes old world designs found throughout Europe. Many of these architectural characteristics remain popular today. Discover how Riverbend Timber Framing can incorporate European design elements to bring character, charm, and architectural interest to your timber frame floor plan.

European Style Timber Homes - French country timber floor plan

European Style Timber Home Plans

European timber homes are instantly recognizable and well-loved by people all over the world, from a French country chalet, to an English cottage, or a Tuscan villa. The use of timber framing in these homes dates back centuries. Over time, ornate timber framing combined with stone, steep rooflines, shutters, and metal accents became hallmark elements of these floor plans. Today, many of those elements are still found in contemporary European style timber home designs.

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European Style Timber Homes - French country timber home

European Style Design Characteristics

  • Elliptical or arched windows
  • Hipped roofs
  • Narrow roof overhangs
  • Steeper roof pitches featuring timber trusses
  • Stone accents
  • Decorative dormer windows


European Timber Home Photo Galleries

European architecture includes a variety of classical styles that continue to feel vital and relevant today. Whether you want a design that completely embodies the old world feel of European timber framing, or simply elect to add a few French country details or incorporate the cozy charm of an English cottage, these galleries are sure to inspire.

Elegant European Home Designs

At the center of Old European inspired home design is an attention and appreciation for details. Craftsmanship, something in which Riverbend has always taken great pride, plays an important role in these designs. Using traditional timber framing techniques, we create custom European timber homes that are inviting and full of character. We only use the highest quality timbers and materials when it comes to constructing your custom French country timber home. Find out more about our exceptional European designs by exploring our photo galleries and reviewing past projects.

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