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Custom Timber Frame Homes

Timber Framing adds character to many architectural styles, from rustic mountain cabins to modern farmhouses. Our custom approach to designing timber frame homes includes helping you find the architectural style that best fits you. Explore our custom timber frame home styles below and learn more about each by visiting their individual pages.

Customizing Your Dream Home

At Riverbend Timber Framing, we believe that everyone deserves to have the home they’ve always dreamed of. If one of our plans doesn’t fit your exact needs, we offer a custom design process where you work one-on-one with a Riverbend architectural designer to completely customize your plan. You can choose an architectural style, select layout features and explore your ideal timber frame structure.

Custom Timber Frame Homes - Custom Farmhouse

Farmhouse Style Timber Homes

Influenced by traditional farmhouse design, our new line of farmhouse style timber homes are designed for modern living. These homes feature clean lines, open spaces and contemporary exterior finishes. Many of our new farmhouse designs qualify as PerfectFit™ by Riverbend ready-to-build plans.

These versatile homes work for both contemporary and classic design preferences. With darker colors and metal details, your timber frame farmhouse can embody modern luxury. With traditional white siding and black accents, you can create the cozy rustic feel you’re searching for.

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Custom Timber Frame Homes - Custom Mountain Style Homes

Mountain Style Timber Homes

Timber framing is an excellent way to create a warm and unique mountain style home. If you plan to build your timber frame home in a mountain community, you may want your design to reflect both the landscape of your surroundings and your favorite outdoor activities. For example, a screened-in porch could be essential for an Appalachian hillside, while a ski-room might be perfect for that Rocky Mountain getaway.

Mountain style homes often take inspiration from the outdoors. Wood and stone textures allow these homes to reflect mountainous and forested surroundings, and large windows help make the view outside part of your interior design.

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Custom Timber Frame Homes - Custom Modern Timber Homes

MidCentury Style Timber Homes

Inspired by the architectural stylings of Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and Joseph Eichler, each of the plans in this series focuses on the interaction between spaces. Choose one of our existing plans as the starting point for your midcentury home, or work with your Riverbend designer to create a custom plan using key midcentury architectural features.

Common features of midcentury homes include low-pitched or flat roofs, large windows and open floor plans. These homes balance retro and modern designs to create an artistic yet livable space.

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Custom Timber Frame Homes - Custom Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman Style Timber Homes

From exposed beams to detailed posts and low-pitched gabled roofs, timber framing highlights the elements for which the craftsman style is so well known. A popular choice across North America, choose one of our Craftsman-inspired designs as a starting point or let Riverbend develop a customized Craftsman style timber frame home to suit your lifestyle.

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Custom Timber Frame Homes - Custom Barn Homes

Barn Style Timber Homes

When you think of timber framing, you may envision the classic barn. But a barn style home is not just an ordinary barn. These homes are incredibly popular thanks to their unique features and the classic, down-home rusticity of traditional barn architecture. If a barn-style home with its exposed beams and sliding barn doors appeals to you, Riverbend Timber Framing has plenty of unique plans from which you can choose.

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Custom Timber Frame Homes - Custom European Homes

European Style Homes

From Tuscan villas to French Country chalets, the influence of timber framing is seen throughout the landscapes of Europe. Explore our classic European style homes, complete with ornate timber framing, beautiful stonework and hipped roofs.

People are often attracted to European style homes because they feel historic even when they’re brand-new. If you’re looking for old-world charm with a sense of opulence, these homes balance those traits beautifully.

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How to Customize Your Timber Frame Home

The customization process takes time and care. At Riverbend Timber Framing, we take pride in our custom design process, and we work closely with you to ensure you’re happy with the design before we begin fabrication. After signing a Design Development Agreement (DDA) with our team, we’ll start the process with a design meeting. During this meeting, our designers will discuss your vision with you and sketch concepts in real time to showcase the possibilities.

In addition, our designers will take this time to discuss how different choices impact cost as well as whether the floor plan and design align with your lifestyle. As a final step, we’ll present 3D renderings of your new home. You’ll also get a look inside the space with a virtual reality tour. When you’re happy with our final design, you’ll sign a contract, and we’ll start the construction drawing phase and fabrication.

Benefits of Choosing a Custom Timber Frame Home

Custom timber frame homes from Riverbend offer numerous benefits to homeowners.

Capture Your Unique Style

A custom timber home allows you to bring your style into every corner of your space. Whether you lean more contemporary or traditional, simple or detailed, our designers will work with you to find the perfect design. Our experience in a wide range of home styles allows us to experiment with different elements to create a home that’s one-of-a-kind.

Work With Your Lifestyle

We all live different lives, and our homes should reflect how we live with purpose-built spaces. Perhaps you want a space to be a designated workshop or studio. You might also envision an open floor plan to fit plenty of seating so you can entertain guests. Maybe you want your floor plan to feature a cozy office space tucked away from the more active spaces.

When you choose a custom timber home, you can explore spaces beyond standard bedrooms and living rooms. Enjoy the freedom to make your home flow in a way that makes sense for your life.

Enjoy Budget Flexibility

When you start with a blank slate, you have complete flexibility in the cost of your home. Every element you choose will influence the cost, from square footage and materials to the complexity of your framing. Our team considers your budget throughout the design process to capture your priority design elements within your cost preferences. We will also walk you through the approximate costs to build in your local area.

Incorporate Incredible Craftsmanship

The craftsmen at Riverbend Timber Framing have heightened attention to detail and an artistic eye. Through passion and creative problem-solving, our architects create functional spaces that double as works of art. Timber framing is a notably artistic building style because no hardware is used to attach the timber pieces. Every piece is connected through wooden mortise and tenon to create a seamless look that showcases the wood’s texture.

The beauty of timber framing is that it works well on its own with the stunning wood grain, or complements other textures and finishes like stone and siding. Regardless of the home style you choose, you’ll see the craftsmanship of the timber framing shine through in ceiling rafters and other support structures.

Experience the Durability of Timber Framing

Timber framing creates a beautiful home and offers impressive durability. Custom timber frame homes serve as magnificent family homes and retreats that last through the generations. Enjoy this longevity alongside our modern building technology, like our structural shell building system.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality With Riverbend Timber Framing

Riverbend is a luxury home designer with decades of experience in the industry. Our expert craftsmen and flexible design solutions make it possible to bring your dream home to life. Contact us today to get started with your one-of-a-kind project.

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