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Treating Your Timber Framing

Posted on Nov 6, 2012

Looking at timber framing, it’s easy to see how the timbers, both inside and out, impact a home’s complete look. Determining the impression you want your timbers to convey, now and later, helps you determine how to treat them

Natural Timbers

Exterior Look and Feel

A timber frame home’s first impression to the world is its exterior. Do you want your exterior timbers to naturally weather and age with the home? Or, do you want them to have the same look in ten years that they had when first raised? For some people, the choice is to let their originally oil-coated timbers, age naturally, weathering away the finish over time. If you make this choice, keep in mind that the wood must eventually be sanded and refinished, or even replaced.

Other owners wanting to maintain the original look of their timbers opt for a stain finish to provide the necessary protection and enhancement. This decision also offers the flexibility of choosing a color finish or clear. The latter, of course, showcases the wood’s natural beauty. Finally, you also have to decide on the quality of the timber treatment used. The better the quality, the more time you can allow between re-staining. Higher quality stain also better protects your home from heavy rain and snow.

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Interior Look and Feel

Dark Timbers

While the factors of aging and outside elements that come into play when choosing your exterior finishes are not applicable to your interior spaces, UV lights can still affect them. Some clients stain their inside timbers darker, adding a sense of the dramatic to their interiors. This is especially true in more recent years. We have also seen homeowners who decide that the natural look of their oak or douglas fir timbers more accurately reflects their own sense of traditional style. It is completely up to you. In the end, choose the interior stain that best captures your personal taste and style.

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