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Timber Cabin Construction in Saskatchewan

Posted on Jul 6, 2017

A ‘Construction-side’ Chat

Riverbend recently had a few moments to catch up with Kerri of Saskatchewan, whose Riverbend timber frame cabin home is currently being raised on a lake outside of St. Walburg. Read below to see what inspired her waterfront-style home and how construction is going so far.

energy efficient saskatchewan home
The timber frame cabin will be highly energy efficient due to building with SIPs and ICFs

Riverbend Timber Framing (RTF): Why are you building a custom cabin?

Kerri: When my great grandparents immigrated from Germany to Canada during World War II, they built a cabin on this same lake. Later, my grandparents and parents built their own cabins here too. Some land was purchased so everyone could eventually have a cabin here. I have been coming here since I was a child and my kids and I move out [to the lake] every summer. This cabin will be our second home for now and will be our retirement home later.

rendering of a custom timber home
Riverbend artistic rendering of Kerri’s timber frame cabin

RTF: What inspired you to choose timber frame construction for your new home?

Kerri: We currently live in the suburbs, and so, we are surrounded by cookie cutter houses. We just did not want something else cookie cutter. My husband wanted something cabin-y but we didn’t want too much wood. We definitely knew we did not want a log cabin. We did a lot of research and decided we wanted timber frame.

RTF: How did you want your home to look?

timber cabin design
The family was inspired by Riverbend’s Mayson design concept, and worked with our designers to customize it

Kerri: For the timber framing itself, we wanted big features with simple clean lines. Because we are lakefront, we wanted it to feel like we were outside. We were inspired by the Mayson floor plan, and we incorporated lots of windows onto the main level. My husband grew up in Medicine Hat, Alberta where the clay and brick industry was large and fireplaces are a big deal, so he wanted to incorporate multiple fireplaces. Our main fireplace will be wood burning and in the 1500s-style, with large natural stones.

timber framing drawing of a cabin
Timber frame structure of the custom cabin

RTF: What stage of the construction process are you at now?

Kerri: We are right in the middle of the raising; it has been going on for four days so far. The raising crew is putting the second story joists on. We still have the second story to finish off, the loft, roof, and a bunch of front timbers. Our mason who is building our fireplace is also on site. It is so large and tied intricately into the timbers, SIPs, and ICFs, so the mason and raising crew have been working closely together.

raising timber frame of a cabin
Raising Kerri’s timber frame

RTF: What is it like seeing your cabin home come to shape before your eyes?

Kerri: It is pretty fun. My husband has been on site for two of the days, and my parents have been here the other two. The kids ask every day if we can go see the cabin. So far, it has been an unbelievably good experience.

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