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Second Time’s the Charm

Posted on Oct 15, 2013
west virginia timber frame loft

As a resident of Morgantown, West Virginia, a picturesque community resting on the lush green border shared with Pennsylvania, Lori was a happy owner of a timber frame home. Then, 38-acres of property up the hill became available and she just she had to have it. With a sprawling three county view, her family knew they needed to build a second timber frame home. And, this home would capture that beautiful West Virginia view. Today, Lori shares her unique story and the details of her second timber frame home journey.

What made you choose to work with Riverbend?

Lori – We researched and visited with multiple timber frame companies before we found Riverbend. We chose this company because they had the best design experience and offered the best choices in timber framing, such flexibility in design customization. We visited several timber frame homes, but the technique and design that we saw from Riverbend was definitely the best.

Was there a particular inspiration that spurred your design?

timber frame loft
A game loft overlooks the great room

Lori – I’ve collected timber frame magazines and books of house plans for years. I knew exactly what I wanted the layout of our new home to be and our project’s designer was very willing and able to create exactly what we wanted.

What were the most important spaces you wanted your design to include and why?

 Lori – Being the second timber frame home we’ve built, we had the advantage of knowing what we liked about our previous home and what we wanted to change. We wanted to keep the great room open as we had done previously, but wanted it to be more connected with the kitchen area.  We also wanted to move the master bedroom to the first floor to give our children a space of their own with their bedrooms on the second level and a game loft overlooking the great room.

If you had to choose, what would be your favorite architectural feature of your home?

 Lori – My favorite features are definitely the expansive timbers and beams exposed in the vaulted ceiling areas and the upstairs loft that overlooks the great room.

Timber Frame home with pool
Lori’s outdoor living area includes a pool

In its completed state, what is your favorite part about your home?

 Lori – I love the open great room and kitchen areas, especially when we host family and friends. However, my favorite part is actually outside the home in our backyard. Our outdoor living area is great, including a swimming pool, and of course, that unbeatable view that started it all.

We’d like to thank Lori for participating in this interview and for sharing photos of her lovely home! For more photos of Lori’s home, visit its photo gallery here.

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