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Questions To Ask Before You Begin

Posted on Oct 1, 2014
Cook County entryway

For centuries, people have chosen timber framing as their preferred building style. This is because of its traditional beauty, durability, and overall visual impact. If you are planning to build, you might know from day one that you want to have a timber frame home, but how do you go about finding the right company to bring this ideal home to life? Here are a few questions to ask potential timber frame providers before you embark on your home building journey.

1.       Will the Timber Frame Company Modify Its Designs?

The look and feel of a home’s interior timbers depends heavily on the overall design. Many companies offer portfolios of their standard plans to browse through. See if not only changes to the layout can be made, but also changes to the design’s timber framing. For instance, a kit company that offers little to no customization may provide a cost-effective solution with a shorter time frame, but may require sacrificing a lot of creativity and personalization of the home’s design and timber framing.

2.       How Will You Acquire Your Design?

If you already have an architect for your project, this will not be an issue. However, if you are looking for design services along with your timber frame, a question to ask is if the company you are speaking with will provide you with a draftsman, architect or designer. The level of design and customization you want often determines which of these services you will require.

3.       Does the Company Provide SIPs or Other Energy Efficient Options?

What energy efficient options does the timber frame company offer? Does it provide structural insulated panels (SIPs), or does its system work with standard fiberglass or blow-in insulation? Consider the level of importance you wish to place on the energy efficiency of your new home and make sure your requirements can be met by the company with which you are speaking.

4.       How Will the Company Manufacture Your Timbers?

Riverbend timber frame bent during the pre-fitting process

There are two timber manufacturing options: handcrafting or modern-day technology, like CNC machines. While both options bring positive qualities to the building process, handcrafted timbers can increase costs and time lines. So, consider these factors when making your choice and ask appropriate questions.

5.       Will they raise your timber frame on your site?

Many timber frame companies offer the option of raising your timber frame on your site along with their manufacturing services. However, there are also companies that will just deliver the package to the site. By discussing what services your timber frame company provides, you will be better prepared for any scenario upon delivery.

6.       Who will build your home?

Will the timber frame company you choose be building your home, or will their services end once your timbers are delivered or installed? Will they offer you access to their network of builders or help you find a qualified builder to take over? Make sure you know the extent of your timber frame company’s services.

Asking the questions above helps you narrow your choices as you search for the timber framing company to design and build your dream home.

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