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The Open Space of a Timber Home

Posted on Jul 10, 2012
timber frame kitchen and dining space

One of the most cherished elements of a traditional timber frame home is its lovely open space. Bents and intricate timber skeletons provide the necessary structural support, reducing the need for interior load-bearing walls. This results in spacious, flowing layouts. Whether it is the beautiful continuation of your kitchen into your dining and great room, or the airy appeal of your loft and catwalk, the layout of a traditional timber frame home offers you and your guests a welcome of open spaces.

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Social Aspects of a Timber Home

heirloom custom table in kitchen timber frame home
The open space of this Ohio kitchen and dining area allows conversation to freely flow into its great room, (not shown)

Regardless of your gathering size, timber frame homes create fantastic spaces for entertaining. The storied feature of their openness in the main living space and seamless flow create perfect settings for entertaining. For example, holiday gatherings in the open spaces of a timber frame home allow hosts to prepare food in the kitchen while still taking part of the conversation (and fun!) taking place in the great room or dining room. This benefit is not quite as certain in conventional stick-built structures because those houses require more interior, load-bearing walls.

See all of this single-level Ohio home.

Nature of a Timber Home

A craft that dates back centuries, the intrinsic beauty of authentic timber framing is always noticed and admired. Every Riverbend home design perfectly presents intricate truss systems and traditional wood-to-wood connections. Owners need only look upwards because the elegant timber frame soaring amidst the home’s open space is sure to stun time and time again.

Outdoor Ties

timber frame great room
Timber framing allows flexibility in window size and placement, bringing the outdoors in with stunning results

Many clients design and build Riverbend homes because they hold a connection to a special piece of property. Wanting to mimic nature’s flow and the open space of the outdoors is an age-old desire of timber home owners. It’s a feeling easily achieved in timber frame homes. This is not only because of the open spaces, but also due to the incorporation of large, picture windows. And, whether your home features expansive walls of glass, multi-paned custom windows, or both, your visual connection to the land remains steadfast, even while still indoors. Finally, if you are designing a home with a smaller footprint, the airy openness of a Riverbend home creates spaces that feel much larger.

Enjoy more photographs of the Alberta residence seen above.

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