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Designing Your Master Suite

Posted on Aug 14, 2012
timber master suite

Your master suite is more than just the place you rest your head at night; it is also a secluded space to relax away from the open, community rooms of the rest of the home. Including specific features in your master suite’s design ensures that your private oasis is an area that fits both your needs, and your style. 


The privacy of a master bathroom allows opportunity to create a space that works for your needs without worrying about guests or other members of the family. For example, perhaps you want a vanity area for getting ready or Jack and Jill sinks to eliminate traffic in the morning. Add creative depth to the space by including a walk-in shower or perhaps a Jacuzzi bathtub separate from your shower. If you are someone who prefers to have your commode in a more private setting, consider a pony wall or secluded room for this particular feature.

 Sitting Room

master suite in a timber home
Consider what kind of look and feel your master suite should present

Including a sitting room into your master suite design can be used for many things, from quiet reflection to intimate conversation. Consider what kind of mood you want this space to achieve; do you want it to be a place to get away and relax? Then use it as a private library where you can get lost in a book or simply as a quiet room away from the traffic and commotion of the main gathering areas.

Closet Space

Having too much closet space can be daunting, while not enough can cause disorganization and clutter. When you work with your architect, think about all of the components necessary for an organized and efficient closet. Perhaps a walk-in with strategically placed shelves and drawers is the right choice for you. Or, you might decide that two closets would be more appropriate for your lifestyle.

Private Outdoor Space

master bedroom in timber home
Add an outdoor living space, accessible only from your master suite

Picture yourself waking up to a breathtaking view outside your bedroom window and being able to enjoy that view in the privacy of your own patio or balcony. Designing secluded, outdoor spaces that are accessible from your master suite allows you to interact with the land that surrounds your home while offering the solace of privacy.               

Other Additions               

The features of your timber frame master suite do not have to end with a bathroom or a closet, add an adjoined Jacuzzi area or a fireplace to keep you warm during the colder months. By working with your architect, you can create unique elements in your design that will offer the most out of your master bedroom.

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