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Inspired by Tuscany

Posted on Aug 18, 2018
tuscany designs riverbend timber framing

You would be hard-pressed to find an architectural style more connected to traditional timber framing than the centuries-old homes built in the Italian, French and English countryside. With its stone exterior, decorative gables and steep roof pitches the Tuscany conceptual plan has inspired a number of Riverbend clients to build a timber home which captures the essence of this distinctive European style.

Although the Tuscany plan – based on an original design by architect Jerome Cerny – has been used by multiple clients, each finished home has its own character, as it is a reflection of the way each family lives and the land on which they chose to build. For the Wolfe family, they choose a more open public space between the kitchen, dining area and great room. The Devlan project required creative positioning to sit atop a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan, while the Koblis’ added a family room off of the dining space.

european style floor plan

The origins of each of these completed homes can be found in the original concept of the Tuscany plan (shown above), yet each home has unique, personal warmth. These examples help illuminate just how much you can customize a plan, while staying true to the elements of the original design that first attracted you.

“Clients often wonder just how many changes they can make to one of the plans we showcase in our portfolio,” says Riverbend designer Troy Stokes. “Our normal response is ‘however many you want’ and at first that can be intimidating. They don’t always realize that we are trained to work with them to design a home that meets all their needs, from style and buildsite to flow of layout and budget. All they need is to provide these parameters and we go to work.”

Architectural Highlight: Designing Timbers

Aside from the layout and obvious exterior changes, each client also chooses their own style of timber framing. As you can see from the great rooms of each of the homes pictured below, the type of trusses, the details and configuration are different and affect the overall feel of the space. Our decades of timber framing experience will help you find the look that matches you.

Tuscany great room
Each finished Tuscany-inspired home has its own unique, personal warmth

See a 7,000 square foot Tuscany in Michigan. Explore a Virginia Tuscany. Browse a lakeside Tuscany.

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