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Farmhouse Style Homes with a Modern Flair

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

There is something about a farmhouse that makes us feel rejuvenated and fresh. Maybe it comes from a societal longing to return to simpler times, smaller square footage, and valuing things for being unique and practical. At Riverbend, we believe the love for farmhouses comes from the appeal of letting the architecture speak for itself in interesting and artistic ways. When paired with the benefits of modern design with its open layout and clean lines, you can reflect your style while maintaining a level of elegant simplicity. It is with this design goal in mind that Riverbend has set out to create our signature modern farmhouse conceptual floor plans.

Wood & Timber Framing

Let’s explore some of the qualities that make modern farmhouses so endearing. The first quality has to do with adapting the farmhouse style for modern living. When farmhouses were first constructed, they used the abundant natural resource of the day–wood. Designers have brought wood into the present in the form of exterior cladding. This includes board and batten, which offers texture and interest to the often whitewashed or neutral colored walls of the farmhouse style homes.

In Riverbend farmhouses, we incorporate additional wood accents through the use of timber framing. Because farmhouses have very close ties with barns which use timber framing as their supporting structures, it is common for them to share design features. For this reason, timber framing is used to bring natural wood accents into the modern farmhouse style homes in new and exciting ways. For example, non-structural timber framing can be used in the form of beams, braces, or rafters, and can even incorporate steel elements to become more decorative. 

Example of Non-Structural Timber Framing

Creating a Blank Canvas

While an open ceiling, white walls, and simple lines make a space feel clean and modern, they also create a blank canvas. Although the home does not need to be completely white, using neutral colors creates welcome feelings of warmth and simplicity. This paves the way for a splash of color and bold accents. A great place to introduce color into the space is in the kitchen. The dash of color can come from the cabinets, an accent wall, or tiles.

Farmhouse style Characteristics
Example of Bold Accents

The Important Role Windows Play

The overall goal of modern farmhouse design is to create a welcoming and crisp atmosphere. For that reason, having the right windows is extremely important. For example, black windows pop against the typical white of the home’s exterior while adding a sleek, modern look. Additionally, using commercial glass, mullions, nana walls, and corner glass adds a unique architectural flair to the home that creates a doorway to the outdoors. By using oversized windows to let in natural light, the home will feel more fresh and earthy.

farmhouse style-corner glass
Example of Corner Glass

Outdoor Living Spaces

The final extension of the home is the outdoor living space. These outdoor spaces come in many shapes and sizes. Synonymous with farmhouses are wraparound porches and decks. Welcoming everyone to come and sit a spell, the wraparound porch is the traditional way to tie the simplicity of a farmhouse’s interior with the surrounding landscape in a gentle and welcoming manner.

Another way to create a beautiful outdoor living space is to add a glass sunroom with nana walls. Because the glass walls fully open, this type of space is unique in its ability to meld the indoors and outdoors. An alternative to the sun room is a screen room. Screen rooms are another great way to enjoy more temperate weather without having to fully engage in it. However, screen rooms do not possess the option of blocking out the weather entirely like sunrooms do. Finally, a private patio provides a secluded way to connect the worlds which is no less pleasant to enjoy. Each of these outdoor spaces provide a place that is both purposeful and intimate.

farmhouse-style design
Example of a Wrap-Around Deck

Modern farmhouse designs are fresh, inviting, and very attractive. Their traditional charm has beguiled many a homeowner and will continue to do so for many reasons. The main reason is because the unique design elements of the farmhouse continue to remain relevant today. They create space to relax amongst the craziness of our busy lives, and they remind us of simpler days. With these nostalgic qualities, it is no wonder they have gracefully withstood the test of time.

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