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Starting from Outside Architecture

Posted on Jun 4, 2013
Post and Beam Homes

For many couples, the dream home began well before they ever came to Riverbend. Sometimes they are already working with an architect, later becoming interested in incorporating timber framing into their design. Other times, it is that outside architect who suggests timber framing. Regardless of exactly how timber framing comes into a design, Riverbend works with outside architects on a regular basis. Long-time Riverbend project manager, Tom Schrock, provides some insight into how the collaborative effort between Riverbend and your architect works to fulfill your timber frame dream home’s design.

Tom Schrock, project manager

When we begin a project with an outside architect, most of the creative process is done beforehand. However, in terms of timber frame design, it’s a rare skill conventional architects to know how to draw skeletons accurately. So, when clients come to us with their architects, they are looking to us to not only complete these drawings but to also help them determine what connections, wood species, and size will work best with their existing design.

Once we determine the size, species, and style of the future home’s timber frame, we use the architect’s existing drawings and include the timber framing. This is how our shop produces a properly fitted frame.

SIPs and timber frame drawing using outside architecture
Mark and Kerri’s home building System – SIPs and timber skeleton

Like timber framing, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are another aspect of the Riverbend building system that traditional architects may not have knowledge of. Being able to draw these panels is very technical; knowing their wall and roof systems composition and capabilities is something that we have years of experience doing. That being said, when clients come to us, creating skeletal drawings and [SIP] panel drawings for the home usually goes hand-in-hand.

Riverbend works with outside architects on a regular basis.

A recent project we did for a Michigan couple is a great example of our collaborative ability with outside architects. Working with Jim Walters Creative Designs to create their second home, this couple realized they wanted to include timber framing in the home.

The couple, their architect, and their builder all came to Riverbend’s Michigan office to brainstorm with a Riverbend designer. While this was their architect’s first time designing a timber frame and SIPs home, after working with our experienced design team, the final design accurately fleshed out, and fulfilled the client’s wants. Now, this project is nearing completion on the couple’s Rapid City property. The home’s breathtaking look and layout reflects the collaborative efforts of all parties.

Learn more about how Riverbend works with outside architects.

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