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A Timber Framer’s Perspective on Building

Posted on Sep 17, 2013
wide perspective of a timber frame
An oak hammer beam frame raised by Beam Craft

Experiences and memories of timber frame home building vary widely. This is true whether it is the homeowner, the designer, or the builder. With this in mind, Jason Beamish, owner of Beam Craft Timber Framing, shares his perspective on building a timber home.

You have quite a bit of experience building Riverbend homes. How does this process start for you?

Jason: It all starts when I begin a dialogue with interested couples who have found Riverbend through their website, a magazine or an actual Beam Craft referral. After answering general questions about Riverbend’s custom design and building processes, I schedule a site meeting with the client.  I also try to arrange a tour of a completed or under construction Riverbend home so they can really get a feel of how these processes play out. Then, if the client decides to move forward, we have them sign a design agreement with Riverbend and they move into the design phase of their project.

timber frame raising with canadian perspective
A Canadian timber raising by Beam Craft

In my experience, from design to completion, the entire process can take anywhere from three months to three years. It is a big decision for people to transition from the dreaming stage to actually building that dream home, as it requires an investment of time, money, and emotion. We understand this investment being made and that these Riverbend clients are extending a high level of trust to us; so, it can take some time to establish.

What is your favorite part of working with Riverbend?

Jason: Our favorite part of working with Riverbend is being able to be part of a team that creates unique homes which showcase traditional timber framing. Because these homes we build are like giant jigsaw puzzles, every part and piece is important to us – from design and engineering details, to raising celebration BBQ’s and panel sealant. There are a lot of people and specialists that we interact with to make these projects come together and Riverbend has always proven to be a good company to partner with.

What is your favorite part of building timber homes for Riverbend’s various clients?

Jason: At Beam Craft, our absolute favorite part about doing what we do, is seeing people’s excitement about their dream home grow as every step starts to bring it to life.

What has been one of your most challenging experiences working with Riverbend?

Jason: We had a building project in Priddis that presented quite a few site challenges. Building in Alberta’s winter months, we ran into several snowstorms that, at times, made it impossible to reach the site. This naturally makes it difficult to build.

What has been one of your most rewarding experiences, and why?

aerial perspective of a timber raising
This Calgary home’s timber frame raising occurred in -15°C weather

Jason: There are actually several rewarding experiences to be had working with Riverbend and these families. It’s always an amazing sight to see timber frame raisings like the massive hammer beams we raised in Grande Prairie. Whenever owners are excited and engaged in their project, it makes it a very special experience for us as well.

Did this perspective from a timber framing professional inspire you? Are you now considering Alberta for your custom timber frame home? Visit our Alberta page and meet your client representative.

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