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12 Tips from Timber Home Living

Posted on Apr 16, 2013
timber frame sun room

You’ve been dreaming, planning, and saving for that ideal timber home for years. Before you take the steps towards working with a designer to create that dream space, Timber Home Living has put together a tip sheet focusing on aspects of home design to consider. Today we have included some of our favorite tips from their article.

1.       Sun Rooms and Enclosed Porches

Extending your living space through outdoor rooms is something that has become increasingly popular in timber home building. If you are building in a location that experiences very distinct seasons, consider enclosing your porch or creating a sun room like the one above. Both design options allow for all-weather enjoyment year-round.

2.       Building Up

If you are looking to add square footage to your home design, it is generally less expensive to build up than it is to build out. This rule of thumb is due to the costs incurred to excavate and pour additional foundation when a homeowner chooses to build out.

3.       Dining Consolidation

timber frame dining area
Consider consolidating eating areas into one space

In many home designs, the presence of dining rooms, nooks, and breakfast bars often overload the home’s overall layout and remain unused for long periods throughout the year. Instead of having several rooms for eating, consider consolidating them into one, comfortable space.

4.       Outside Thought

Outdoor living spaces are a great way to extend your interior square footage beyond its outer walls. Areas like decks, balconies, and porches, increase the home’s interaction with surrounding nature while offering more opportunities to gather socially or privately reflect.

5.       Plan Ahead

Many people that choose to build a timber frame home do so with the thought of retirement or future generations in mind. Consider how your layout will live in a decade or two, does it make sense to make design changes like locating your master suite on the main floor for easy access? By planning ahead, you can be better equipped for the future and what it may bring.

If you would like to read the entire article, it’s on their website here.

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